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We are a manufacturer of letter shaped plastic mugs and pitchers. At this time the letter O is our first big hit. It started out for the avid fans of the state of Ohio. Since then the horizon has broadened to Oklahoma, Oregon and many others that use O as their symbol. Who knew the letter O was so popular!

They come in 76 oz. clear, 76 oz. translucent red and 32 oz. solid red at this time. They are made of a heavy gauge plastic and are dishwasher safe.  The 32 oz. red O is the perfect size for using as a personal beer mug or mixed drink. The 76 oz's. are great for using as a beer pitcher (that is....if you want to share!) or as a multiple person large mixed drink...just add straws! The 76 oz. is being used for a custom mixed drink for Mist at Mr. Ed's Bar & Grille, Put-In-Bay, Ohio.

They are great beer mugs, beer pitchers and drinking glasses for your favorite concoctions. 

Also they have been used as a serving vessel for your favorite game day snacks. You can use the 76 oz. clear for  such items as peanuts, pretzels and M&M’s; just to list a few. Add a string of lights to the inside, and you have a lighted decoration. As you can see, there are many possibilities for its use. Just use your imagination. 

We also offer a loose clear plastic lid kit. (at this time only for the 76 oz. sizes) to cover the opening if used as a serving vessel or if given as a filled gift of some sort.

We are working at this time to develop other letters for your enjoyment. Send us your ideas for new letters and colors in our Guest Book . Please keep checking back with us for further developments. 

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